Please join us for an exciting day of horsey activities…

We will begin our morning with registration starting at 9:00 – you can browse the silent auction items and learn more about what we do as a club.  Take a look at all the work we have done this year and chat with our members.  Purchase one of our club mugs and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while tacking up your horse.

Then we will have a brief safety meeting – just to identify the trail, identify where you can get help on the trail and to explain the hunt itself.

Starting at 10:00am, riders can head out on the trail after checking in with the timekeeper at the trailhead.  Times will only be used as a tie breaker, so be sure to check back in when you get back from the hunt.

Join us for an amazing lunch, by our very own “Cookie” with LP Ranch.  His ranch beans are always a hit! He will start serving at 1:00pm

The silent auction will close at 1:00 and we will start the awards for first, second and third place.  Riders will pair up into teams of two.

There is plenty of overnight dry camping at the trailhead.  If you would like to join us, our chapter has a potluck and business meeting on Friday night, and we camp until Sunday morning.